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Dead Float - A Cal Claxton Oregon Mystery, #2

Don’t pass up a chance to read Dead Float by Warren C. Easley. Not only is the locale easy on the eye, but so is the plot! Mr. Easley makes murder seem so effortless in this Cal Claxton mystery. The plot is well-drafted and the scenarios fu...

4 Stars

Dogs Don't Lie

Dogs Don’t Lie by Clea Simon is the tale of an animal behaviorist, Pru Marlowe, who becomes embroiled in a homicide investigation when she discovers one of her trainees over the body of the dog’s former rescuer. Pru is convinced...


Big Wheat - A Tale of Bindlestiffs and Blood

I liked Big Wheat by Richard A. Thompson. The writing is good and solid and the author evokes the feeling of the early part of the twentieth century when life was both easier and harder for people. The mystery is good as well as the action....

4 Stars

Prey on Patmos

Prey on Patmos by Jeffrey Siger gets off to a terrific start. And it gives us a story of terrific quality—nearly peerless—for more than half its length. Inspector Andreas Kaldis is a kind of special assignment detective who oper...

3 Stars

Valley of Dry Bones

The year is 1274 and Edward I is, at last, the anointed king of England. Eleanor of Castile, Edward's queen, is considering a pilgrimage in thanks for her and Edward's safe arrival from Outremer. Toward this end, Queen Eleanor has sent a gr...