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Wolf's Quest - Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Book 10

This story throws you right into the middle of series and it would be best after reading the previous books in order otherwise it will be hard to figure out what exactly is going on. There are many things and references that occurred in the...

4 Stars

Wolf's Rage - Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Book 9

"Wolf's Rage" would be best read after reading the previous, or at least most of the previous, stories in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series. This is book 9. They really seem to flow as a long story with different couples being highlighted. T...

4 Stars

Wolf's Destiny - Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Complete Books 1-6

This collection of six books is actually one very big story. It develops from a shocking beginning and awesomely ends with a new life and world. Each story is built on the one prior to it so it is best to read these books in order. Each int...

4 Stars

Wolf's Enemy - Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, #8

This book is part of a series and would be best read after the previous seven books. This book further adds complexity to the series plot though each book also has a plot just for that book. This book has Nate introducing weres to the Presi...


Wolf's Queen - Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, #7

This is the seventh book in a series and begins where the sixth book ends. It would be best to read the first six books prior to reading this one in order for it to truly make sense and allow you to totally enjoy it. Though the blurb only t...

4 Stars