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Colin Cuffed

Encounters: Colin Cuffed by Lex Valentine is a short story that ties into the Darkworld series. This is a short that is meant to excite the reader and give them a taste. The author has multiple shorts available, coined Fire Dark Realms Enco...

4 Stars

Bounty - Dangerous Men Dangerous Please

Bounty is a thoroughly enjoyable short escape from the winter blues. The story is hot, engaging and very sexy. Gemma and Rob have fantastic chemistry. The book isn't very long but the author packs a lot into those pages. From the start, the...

4 Stars

Highland Haven - Kilrigh Heat Book 2

This was an enjoyable story for me and through all the details and descriptions the author wrote, I actually felt as if I was in Kilrigh, Scotland along with Erin Murray. I was so happy that Erin finally found the courage to leave her troub...


The Keeper of the Key

This is a solid little story. I'd classify it as paranormal romance/suspense. I do have two criticisms of it. First, at only 108 pages it is too short. The writing seems rushed to me. There are scenes which could use more explanation, but t...

4 Stars
  • Author: Debra Smith
  • Review by: DonM
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Under 45k Words, * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Pink Petal Books

Writing Prompts for Romance Writers - Use Your Muse Series, Book 1

I loved reading through the 195 writing prompts Ms. Calesto has provided her readers. There’s something to interest everyone who either just wants to get their muse flowing in a warm-up exercise or maybe even a lead-in to a full-fledged sto...

5 Stars

Fan Girl and the Geek - Boys of Summer

Krystal Brookes brings a smile to sci fi nerds everywhere with this fantastic story! As a huge fan of a few television space series I loved this adventure and I might just sign up for a convention if only I could be certain I’d meet my own...

4 Stars

Of Elven Blood

Of Elven Blood is a novel that is great fun to read, and terribly difficult to put down. It is also a novel that can easily be read multiple times. The characters are delightful, witty and totally engaging. The story moves very quickly, but...


Highland Fling - Kilrigh Heat Series #1

Krystal Brookes proves to her readers that you might not want to, but you can definitely go home again in this quick Scottish romance. Fiona Campbell is a city girl with very strong feeling for her hometown. It was interesting to watch her...


Russian Heat

This was my first book by this author and I enjoyed the experience. While I would personally rather not have two men to do laundry for I am always drawn to a ménage romance. This was a quick read and the players have been in close proximity...

4 Stars

Falling Hard And Fast

This story starts off with a crash and ends with a sweet flourish. While Suzie is busy at the grocery store, she runs into Tim and they end up in a heap on the floor. The innuendo and closeness are too much for her and she goes home. While...


Shifting Winds - Tales of the Darkworld Book 1

Elysia Granville is CFO of the Vampire business Granville Cemetery. She has been gloated into going to the Undertakers Ball on Halloween by her older brother Marius. She has religiously avoided any industry related events ever sin...


Ghost Touch

Teri Mallory is a witch in training. When her trainer, who is also her grandmother, dies leaving Teri with all her magical devices, Teri is overwhelmed. On her deathbed, her grandmother urges her to get a spirit guide.   On her way to...

3 Stars

The Purrfect Man - Length: short novella

Dante was cursed into the form of a cat for his careless disregard of a woman’s feelings. Only a woman who can truly come to love him can break the spell.   Althea is allergic to cats but there’s one stray in the neighborho...


This Divine Night

One day while Claire is shopping at a local mall, she can’t help but stop to listen to a grade school choir singing a few Christmas carols. While standing in the crowd, Claire notices a man emotionally distraught trying to fight...


Keeper - length: short novella

Jude and Avery have a problem. Jude knows there is only one way it can end but he has to convince not only Avery, but also the Shifter Coalition that his theory will work. There was a reason he spent all those years studying the addiction h...

4 Stars

King of Cats - Length: Short Novella

Melody Young owns and runs a no-kill animal shelter started by her mother. Her life is not made easier by the developer who has bought out every landowner but her to build his casino. Melody has no idea how her life will change when she pic...


Juli's Choice

Julie Gregenmeyer, a local veterinarian in Missouri, loved her job and had a dream of one day opening her own horse rescue named Morningstar Haven. She envisioned it to be a place for retired or injured racehorses to live out the rest...


Good Medicine

Thirty-year-old Sadie Grisson is a talented veterinarian working out of a local office in a small town just outside of Kansas City. Working at the same practice is Devon Markier III, DVM who works side by side with Sadie. ...

4 Stars