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Goddess Sacrifice - Goddess Series, #3

Whoa, this novel is a wild roller coaster ride of emotion! Having read the first two novels in the Goddess series by author M.W. Muse, I fully anticipated this third book to be as full of joy and love, as well as frustration, anger, and sad...


Goddess Bared - Goddess Series, #5

All I can say at this point is WOW. At this point we’ve been with Legacy and her friends through the usual high school trials and tribulations, as well as her highly unusual ascending to a goddess problems. Over the last several books, we’v...


Goddess Bound

There is only one thing to say about a series such as this: WOW! I’ve said it before and I stand behind it. This is the 6th book in the series, and with each book, I keep falling more in love with the series than before. Each book gets deep...

5 Stars

Goddess Revenge - Goddess Series, #4

The story of Goddess Revenge is the fourth novel in the Goddess series by author M.W. Muse. The story is a bit more serious than the previous books, but all of the characters are back, Legacy of course is better and stronger than ever, as w...


Goddess Secret - Goddess Series, #2

I truly believe I stumbled across that most rare find when I found the Goddess series by M, W Ware: a fantastic series of books. Once again, in this the second book in the series, The Goddess Secret, the characters we met in the first book...


Goddess Legacy - Free Read - Goddess Series, #1

I must admit, I’ve had remarkably good luck recently with finding an awful lot of really good books as of late, and this novel is another one to add to that list of fantastic novels. It is the first of three books, The Goddess Legacy, the f...