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Betrayal - Angels of Death, #1

This was a fantastic book that had me drawn in from the very start and kept me captivated until the end. It was hard to put down and I spent a very sleepless night finishing it. The writing style was engaging and entertaining and the charac...


Wicked Deeds

Nena enters Claret, a local bar that is more than it seems. This establishment is a portal to another realm where fae, vampires and other fantasy folk live. Erach, vampire and presumed ringleader of this club, takes Nena into the oubliette...

3 Stars

Circle of Masters - A Siren's Call

Michelle Cary's Circle of Masters is a great story. Kinley has spent the last five years in an abusive relationship with Chad, or "the bastard" as he's referred to throughout the book. When our hero Landon first sees Kinley, she's...