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The Year of Loving

Sarah's life is a mess. Anything and everything that could go wrong does. Her relationship with her daughters is terrible and getting worse. Her Ex husband is constantly making her life hell, through whatever means necessary. Her best frien...


Blood Sky - After, #4

This series has been a wonderful ride. Each time one comes out I eagerly grab it up and read it. There is just the right amount of real life mixed with fantasy-horror. It follows our own history and timeline with good detail to geography an...



Alia is a fun loving woman with a taste for beauty in all of its forms. Art, music, poetry and the human body top her list. She is a fallen angel who seems to flow gracefully and sensually through 1940's Paris. She is enjoying life and love...


Far Shore - After, #3

Oh my goodness. Traci Slatton does it again. I am completely in love with this series. She ups the stakes and the intensity is doubled in every aspect of the book. The mists are even scarier and horrifying than in the previous books. The fr...

5 Stars

Cold Light - After, #2

It has been over a year since Emma returned to the safe zone. She and her daughter Mandy have been reunited with Emma’s husband, Haywood and Beth, her oldest. For a year they have been living as a family in a relatively secure area in Canad...


Fallen - After, #1

Devastation has ripped apart the earth. A mysterious and deadly mist has devoured most of the population and those remaining are either crazed or have new psychic gifts. Now Emma and the children she has been caring for have found safety in...