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The Apocalypse Gene

This is a book that genuinely surprised me. A dystopian novel for me has to be written with a clear purpose in mind, and has to show some sort of conflict; personally or socially. The dystopian society in this book is much more believable a...

4 Stars

J-Pop Love Song

J-Pop Love Song is a romance book featuring an older black woman (Charlene) and a young Japanese man (Kane). Kane is a star who wants to be on Charlene's new project. The only problem is she does not want him to play the part of Blu - a tor...

5 Stars

Getting Lucky With Luciano

Kaylee Daniels watched her mother fall apart after each man in her life left and swore she would never be dependent on a man. She is mortified that she has a crush on hot owner of the restaurant Luciano's, where she and her two closest frie...


Sword of the Highlands

Magda Deacon wortks as an art curater for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While cleaning some old paintings, she finds herself captivated by an old portrait of a seventeenth-century Highlander. As she reaches out to touch the painting, she...

5 Stars