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The Way You Say My Name - Reed Series Bk 2

Dillon Carver let fear of his narrow-minded parents and friends cause him to make the biggest mistake of his 16-year-old life - walking away from James Walker. Now at 18 Dillon is determined to do whatever is necessary to get back into...



Genre: Historical M/M Ambrose Standish's father was cheated out of his great estate by the father of Rafe Goshawk, but now his poverty and his longing for the Great House forces him to swallow his pride and enter Rafe's employ as a tutor fo...

5 Stars

Demon Moon

The story finds Colin as the owner of a bar in San Francisco, Palidori's. He is a vampire who assists with a newly formed unit of the Government called Special Investigations, where Lilith and Hugh, from the book Demon Angel now work. Savit...

4 Stars