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The Reluctant Highlander - The Highland Series Book 1

“The Reluctant Highlander” is one of my first Amanda Scott titles, but I can tell you it won't be the last. I really loved the romance and relationship between Ormiston and MacFinlagh. It was a fabulous time getting to know them both and ea...

4 Stars


Pursuit is about an ace detective and his partner tracking a killer who committed multiple murders. Both detectives are on the hunt for the killer whose profile fits a vague description but he always seem to elude his trackers. Will they ev...

3 Stars

Tales of the Hidden World

Tales of the hidden world is an interesting collection of a multitude of different short stories by Simon R. Green. Many of the stories are set in familiar worlds of his other novels like the Nightside or Drood Hall, as well as each story h...


Not in Your Lifetime - The Defining Book on the J.F.K. Assassination

Why does the assassination of President John F. Kennedy still intrigue us? From people who lived in his generation to nowadays generation of younger people worldwide, there is still that sense of mystery as to what really happened to one of...

5 Stars

Anatomy of a Jury

This book was written by a former criminal lawyer on experiences about how a jury functions, how people without any special skill or training judge others; strangers coming together from all directions and personal backgrounds to be jurors....


Bride of the Rat God

Norah Blackstone is the companion and sister-in-law to Chrysanda Flamande a star in the silent Hollywood cinema. Chrysanda has just completed Kiss of Darkness, a silent horror thriller, where she wore a beautiful opal necklace, a gift from...

5 Stars

Last Stop - Watchers #1

After a long and inexplicable illness, David's father suddenly vanished. David's mother has not given up looking for him and continues to make TV appeals to find her husband, but David suspects that he has seen his father. The other option...

  • Author: Peter Lerangis
  • Review by: Crisgee
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Fantasy, Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Open Road Media

The Invitation

Five high school friends are invited to the most exclusive party of the year, but when they arrive, they discover that they have been summoned to be the entertainment for the evening. Did the school's queen bee, and party's host, intend for...

3 Stars