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Witches Be Crazy - A Tale That Happened Once Upon a Time in the Middle of Nowhere

As the blurb showcases, real heroes never dieā€¦come middle age they do get a bit crabby. With that bit you know this book is going to be filled with some humor. In Witches Be Crazy we have a long lost shapely imposter daughter. King Ik is de...

4 Stars

The Best Horror of the Year Volume 4

The Best Horror of the Year Volume 4 has 18 Stories with its most notable authors being Stephen King and Peter Straub. Its hard to look so forward to reading a book to have it turn out this dull. When I saw "Best Horror" I thought that it w...

3 Stars


Paul Donner and his wife are on their way to a night at the opera when they are both killed in a robbery. Fifty years later, Donner is reanimated, a victim of a bioweapon that has allowed the revivification of the dead, and transformed New...