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Biker - Bad Boys in Big Trouble Book 1

Zak is undercover and his base of operations is a mechanic shop where he has an inside man. The job was supposed to be simple but things never go as planned. It gets even more complicated when his neighbor, Kaitlin, unknowingly gets involve...


Bouncer - Bad Boys in Big Trouble Book 2

Reece and Jessica are both undercover and their jobs are only more complicated when they are told by their handlers to use each other for information. Jessica thought Reece was hot and a viable candidate to devirginize her, among other thin...

4 Stars

Bodyguard - Bad Boys In Big Trouble Book 3

Bodyguard was amasing. Deke and Chloe were fascinating and it took me a couple hours to read it. Chloe is on a date with a dick named Ned and it goes downhill from there. Ned is an asshole and I don't feel sorry for how he was treated at th...

5 Stars