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The Myth Manifestation - A SPI Files Novel, #5

I love this story. Though part of a series, it can be read without having read a single book by Ms. Shearin but for fans of her work this story is awesome. Not only is the plot outstanding and the characters well thought out but there is so...

5 Stars

Ruins and Revenge - Raine Benares, #9

This is a terrific book and a wonderful saga. This is a continuation/spin off of a previous saga but this time with Tam as the main character. This is the second book in this new storyline and it can be read without having read the previous...

5 Stars

Wedding Bells, Magic Spells - Raine Benares, #8

If you thought Raine Benares’s adventures would end after the destruction of the Saghred, you were wrong. This book picks up her story and shows that things are still not peaceful. However, Raine and Mychael are getting married between issu...