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The Reception

Although this is Lisa’s wedding night and her reception is over, she’s sitting alone in the bridal suite while her new husband, Steve, is down at the bar with his golfing buddies having a drink. So, Lisa resorts to writing a jou...

4 Stars

Warrior of Darkness - Darkness Trilogy

For over a year Brittany has stayed with her friends trying to recover from the horrific kidnapping by a sadistic vampire bent on destroying her friends. She still fears being around men, and even the man who saved her from her nightma...

4 Stars

Faery Tail - Full Length Novel (61891 word count)

Deborah McNemar’s latest release, Faery Tail is an enchanting and imaginative story of life and love, with lots of paranormal twists.   Ms. McNemar has woven an intelligent and passionate tale that will charm readers. She has cre...


Fantasies Inc.: The Virgin - Length: Teaser/Chapter (3923 word count)

Angie has a problem that she wants to get rid of; only her boyfriend insists that he has no intention of taking care of it for her. Angie is a virgin and the tag is starting to really upset her. The pig says he will gladly make lo...


More Bark than Bite - Novelette (26361 word count)

More Bark than Bite is a wonderfully written paranormal romance by Melissa Hosack.   Morgan Phillips is a reporter who on the advice of a friend uses a rouse to get the attention of Officer Graham Audrick, with the hope that she can ge...

4 Stars

The Claiming Of Bethany

Secure in the knowledge her future is set, Bethany sneaks into her mother’s chamber to try on her wedding gown. She is to marry her childhood friend, lover and prince and couldn’t be happier. So what if the passion isn...

3 Stars

Slave of Darkness - Book 1: Darkness Trilogy

Adriana Winter becomes a target when she witnesses her boss’s murder. When there is no evidence of a crime found by the police, she is left vulnerable and fearful for her safety because she knows there are murderers out there wan...

4 Stars

The Eternal - Book Length: Full Length Novel

We have two friends; Jessica and Chelsea, both are practicing Wiccans. Their lives are about to be altered dramatically when they meet a pair of immortal twins, Colin and Shameer. Chased by an evil Warlock, the women must take shelter with...



Because it's considered 'too dangerous to be in the world,' many have tried to destroy the Book of Athrok. Through its own evil power, the book remains. Generations ago a Lord decided if the book couldn't be destroyed it would have to be hi...

3 Stars

The Emperor's Captive

This was a great SF fantasy romance that is completely set in a different universe. Many women have been paraded in front of the Emperor and he wants none of them. He likes his women with a bit of meat on their bones, strong of heart and wi...

4 Stars