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Deadly Pursuit - SCVC Taskforce

Celina Davenport became the darling of the FBI after her first undercover bust of a drug lord. But now it’s one year later, and Emilio has escaped from jail and his not only seeking his revenge on her, but also members of her team. Assistin...

4 Stars

Sweet Chaos - Kali Sweet Series, #2

Sweet Chaos is a thrill ride for urban fantasy fans who love a good strong female lead, who can kick ass and take names. Kali Sweet is a vengeance demon who is damn good at what she does, who also just happens to be the Queen of the Undead....

4 Stars

Revenge Is Sweet - Kali Sweet Series, #1

Kali Sweet is a vengeance demon who works for the supernatural world’s Justice Department. Her main goal is to protect humans, with her favorite target being the vampires. When she is ambushed by Chicago’s vampire king, Kali was not prepare...