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Blood of Saints - A Sabrina Vaughn Novel, #4

Blood of Saints, by Maegan Beaumont, is a thriller, detective story, and one woman's journey all rolled into one. Sabrina is forced into a case that only se can solve. To do that she must relive old memories and relive her gruesome past. I...

4 Stars

Murder on the Bucket List - A Bucket List Mystery

Francine, Charlotte, Alice, Joy, and Mary Ruth are members of the Summer Ridge Bridge Club in Brownsburg, Indiana. They are all in their 70’s and are helping each other check off items on their bucket lists. When late one night, around Alic...


Bite the Biscuit - A Barkery & Biscuits Mystery

I thought Bite the Biscuit was an entertaining mystery with an adorable twist, the twist being the fact that the story revolved around a canine bakery. At the start of the book, I wanted the main character Carrie Kennersly, a Vet Tech, to s...


Catwalk - An Animals in Focus Mystery, #3

Catwalk is the third entry in Sheila Webster Boneham’s popular “Animals in Focus” series. This time out, animal photographer Janet MacPhail is training for her cat Leo’s first feline agility trial when she gets a frantic call about a “kidna...

4 Stars

Chip Off the Ice Block Murder - A Shay O'Hanlon Caper, #4

Jessie Chandler’s irrepressible Shay O’Hanlon is back in a new mystery that fans will definitely enjoy. Shay and her cop friend, JT are headed off to vacation when Shay’s dad mysteriously vanishes, putting their plans on ice. Shay is distre...

4 Stars

The Clause

The Clause will appeal to readers who look for Bourne identity style thrillers. The book is carefully plotted, slowly revealing the schemes and the identity of the anti-hero Gill, who is not what he seems to be, while at the same time keepi...

5 Stars

Never Say Pie - A Pie Shop Mystery, #2

Blurb: It’s summertime in Crystal Cove, California, and sales are brisk at the outdoor Food Fair. There’s fresh bread, artisan cheese, gourmet cupcakes, plus Hanna’s delicious pies. When despised local food critic Heath Barr is found stabbe...


Mind Over Monsters - A F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad Investigation

Beatrice Alexander is a great schoolteacher who loves her job, however she has little problem. She can move things with her mind. When her brother is almost killed, she joins the F.R.E.A.K.S (Federal Response to Extra-Sensory and Kindred Su...

5 Stars