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Lover In Chains - The Darkest Kynd Book 3

Hot. Sexy. Sultry. Are three words to describe "Lover In Chains". The chemistry between Urick and Violet was WOW. Urick is a unique kind of shifter being part grizzly and gargoyle, but don't let that odd combo throw you. His hatred for vamp...


Lover in Darkness - The Darkest Kynd Book 2

Daniela is no stranger to being broken and perhaps that is why she feels so akin to the battered women she helps and volunteers her time with. Romance is not something she ever wishes to get herself involved in until she meets Darkyn who ha...


Honor Among Thieves - A Sam Jenkins Mystery

“Honor Among Thieves” pulls you right into the concept of how your life can change in a split second. We have a police chief minding his own business. He suddenly gets sucked into a murder accusation that he had no business with. Now not on...

4 Stars

Lover In Stone - Darkest Kynd #1

"Lover in Stone" is the first book in the new series, The Darkest Kynd, by S.C. Dane. It is an enjoyable read and the author writes a captivating story that is hard to put down. Gargoyles are rarely written about in the paranormal books and...

4 Stars

Loves, Myths and Monsters - A Collection of Folk and Urban Myths

Loves, Myths and Monsters is a collection of eerie, suspenseful tales that I recommend. The tales include stories about the Chupracabra, a serial killer family, mermaids, werewolves and many other mystical creatures interacting with humans....

4 Stars

Rescue Me

Catherine Morelli, a vet and horse rescuer, needs to move her rescue horses from the current stable she rents to another more permanent one. Her present older landlord is moving and this puts Cat in a bind. That is until she thinks about ta...


Noelle's Nocturne

Noelle is a curvy spinster who is drawn to her neighbor’s yard by his enchantingly beautiful piano music. She finds peace under his window and is attracted to the man behind the music. Lord Gerard is cursed to walk the night and has been lo...

  • Author: Megan Hussey
  • Review by: HCHarju
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, Seasonal / Holiday, * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Melange Books, LLC

Promise Me - Promise Me Series, #1

Sarelle had to help the man she found in the woods. Even after she discovered he was a vampire, Sar couldn't leave him to die. As Danial recovers, Sar experiences the first stirrings of attraction since her husband died. But Danial's life i...

4 Stars

Fabled Firefighters, Faeries and Knights

Fabled Firefighters, Faeries, and Knights is a trilogy of short stories by Ellen Margret. Each story had its own setting and unique cast of characters. For me, it was a fairly quick read that was made enjoyable by injecting some humor into...

4 Stars

Return to Me

Sixteen year old Sam Reading can’t believe that she’s the only one in her family that hears the creaking noises every night and feels a presence around her family’s summer house. It scares her senseless because she continually feels someone...

3 Stars

The Prowling - Shifter, #4

Drake is part of a family of shifters. In fact, he’s the twin brother to Brock. When he was younger his maternal grandfather kidnapped him to do experiments on him changing him forever. These changes made him different...

5 Stars

Giselle - The Tunsey Men, #3

Safford has seen his older and younger brother's find the women meant for them. He's found his; she's just a little snooty. He can fix that. All he needs to do is whisk her away from the life she knows and show her what she's been missing....


Lisette - The Tunsey Men, #1

Princess Lisette led a charmed life until her mother died. She was kind and good and that was turned against her when her father brought home her stepmother. A witch of the dark arts she has bewitched her father and takes great pleasure in...

4 Stars

Victoria - The Tunsey Men, #2

Mallory Tunsey has been on the receiving end of abuse from a boy who turns out not to be a boy. She has pushed him too far and he spanks her without thinking of the long-term consequences. Seeing as how he bared her naked and beautiful bott...


The Man With Two Hearts

Luke is a very quiet person and likes things simple. Many times throughout his life he’s questioned what could have been if he did things differently with the only two women he’s ever truly loved - his mother’s best friend...

3 Stars

Draeger's Legacy - 8th in the Shifter Series (can stand alone)

Book 8 in the series. Natasha has been raised and molded for submission. Her father has plans to use her as a tool to further his own interests, and as a member of the Shifter Council he believes he’s above the law. Even the laws he h...

4 Stars

Wizard For Hire

This story had an interesting premise and the characters were engaging. I especially liked how spunky Stephanie was and how she interacted with Torin. However, I felt like the story wasn't fully fleshed out -- especially with explaining how...

3 Stars