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Dr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook

I highly believe that Atkins is a good lifestyle diet for all that ails. It is strange for this cookbook to be a new release when the release date is in 1995, but I am glad to see the reprint. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the book a...

3 Stars

Bella & Mac - Alpha Hunted, #2

Bella & Mac deserves 4.5 stars. It was just wow! Bella had a very traumatic experience and it clouded her way of thinking. Her view of the world is bleak. Will her nightmares stop? Will she find the will to move on? Keeley (her sister) is b...

  • Author: J. M. Klaire
  • Review by: DebA
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: J. M. Klaire

Invitation To Passion - Invitation To #3

Well, I really loved this book! The author hooked me from the beginning and held me captivated right up until the last page. That's what I call a great read. First of all, it was very well written with a solid plot that pulled me into the s...

4 Stars

Nobody - Men of the White Sandy #3

Every once in a while a book will touch your soul. Nobody is one of those books. Part of the Men of White Sandy series, it's a story of courage, trust and love. Nobody Bodine isn't your typical alpha hero. In some ways I think he's more. He...

5 Stars

The War Inside - The Horizons Trilogy, #1

Initially I thought The War Inside was going to be a remake of The Hunger Games. The poverty and lawlessness of a dystopian future seemed to be a huge similarity between the two. However, the stories are actually quite different. I found Th...

4 Stars

Deadly Pursuit - SCVC Taskforce

Celina Davenport became the darling of the FBI after her first undercover bust of a drug lord. But now it’s one year later, and Emilio has escaped from jail and his not only seeking his revenge on her, but also members of her team. Assistin...

4 Stars

Dominic - Disciples of the Damned, Season 1 / Episode 1

Dominic by April M. Reign is the first short story in a series of multiple stories. Dominic Kollar, a vampire who is the main character of this book, was dead on the ocean floor for more than 200 years due to his clan being annihilated in a...


Awaken - The Patronus, #1

I thought this story had an interesting concept that could have been better developed. I felt like the story was too rushed. I wanted more insight into why Lucy was chosen for the job. Escorting new souls to their final destination and prot...


To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood - Wicked Wagers #3

This is a fitting and wonderful end to a sexy and fun series. The Wicked Wagers series has been an entertaining romp as three confirmed rakes find their matches in three very different women. To Challenge The Earl of Cravenswood is Henry's...

  • Author: Bronwen Evans
  • Review by: Emma
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Bronwen Evans

Sweet Chaos - Kali Sweet Series, #2

Sweet Chaos is a thrill ride for urban fantasy fans who love a good strong female lead, who can kick ass and take names. Kali Sweet is a vengeance demon who is damn good at what she does, who also just happens to be the Queen of the Undead....

4 Stars

To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone - Wicked Wagers #2

Marcus Danvers, Marquis of Wolverstone is only momentarily stunned when the woman who broke his heart ten years ago appears and asks for help. He would help her; but on his terms. Thoughts of Sabine had haunted him for years and now she wou...

4 Stars

Revenge Is Sweet - Kali Sweet Series, #1

Kali Sweet is a vengeance demon who works for the supernatural world’s Justice Department. Her main goal is to protect humans, with her favorite target being the vampires. When she is ambushed by Chicago’s vampire king, Kali was not prepare...


To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield - Wicked Wagers #1

Caitlin was about to lose her birthright and family home. Her no account father had gambled away the estate. She had only one recourse, she would make a wager with the new owner. Harlow Telford, Duke of Dangerfield had the prize he'd wanted...