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Pull Me Closer - Suits in Pursuit, #1

Pull Me Closer took a long time to get nowhere. The pacing is too drawn out, the plot construction was totally disjointed, and the character development was extremely shallow. Kerrigan’s puerile and somewhat foolish behavior seemed at odds...


Take Me Down - Suits in Pursuit, #3

Take Me Down is the third in a stand alone series. I reviewed it as a standalone. Unfortunately, I am reading and reviewing this series out of order, so my reactions are going to be a little off. I thought the premise of Take Me Down was in...


Closer To You - Suits in Pursuit, #2

The best thing about Closer To You is the synopsis that was created to hook the reader into reading the ebook. As soon as I read the first page I knew I was in for a disappointment, but kept reading, hoping it would get better; unfortunatel...