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Out of Time

While I generally would like seeing novellas in a longer length for one reason or another (and those range from wanting to know more about the characters, to not wanting the story to end, to other, less savory reasons), Out of Time is exact...

5 Stars

Isabella's Illusions - Book 1: In the Arms of the Law

Kacey Hammell has written an emotional story of love and suspense that takes the reader on a hold-onto-your-hat ride with numerous surprises along the way. The book, In the Arms of the Law I: Isabella's Illusions, is about a woman detective...

4 Stars

Alicia's Awakening - Book 2: In the Arms of the Law

Alicia's Awakening, the second book from In The Arms of the Law continues the story of Alicia and Isabella Knowles, cousins and fellow detectives. Alicia has been through a horrible experience that has changed her whole perspective toward l...

4 Stars

The Secret Drawer

Rachel Collins is an author and her career has grown stale. Her agent decides to send her to the location of a recent book she has written. The Riverside Inn has a very special oddity that Rachael finds. While Rachel is working and research...

4 Stars

Sinful Melodies

Songwriter Sinclair Devlin (Sin) is about to give up on his successful career as a songwriter when he hears Mikayla Gallan sing. Instantly, Mikayla's voice and presence break through a wall he's erected around his heart since the death of h...


The Research Project

Stella Jordan, a romance/horror book writer, is at that point in her life where work is about all that she does. She is looking for something to pull her out of the rut and to make her life special. She is in her 40's and if she doesn't do...

4 Stars