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Love & Hope - Stanford Creek Book 2

“Love & Hope” by Rozenn (RJ) Scott is a touching tale of a man determined to do what’s best for his baby daughter, no matter the cost to him. My heartstrings were constantly tugged by Danny’s exquisite care and sacrifice for little Hope, an...


Snow & Secrets - Stanford Creek Book 3

“Snow & Secrets” by Rozenn (RJ) Scott is my favorite of the series thus far. It was great to finally get a closer look at the mysterious Garrett and to discover exactly what he did. I daresay the band Hudson Hart is being decimated by all o...

  • Authors: RJ Scott, Rozenn Scott
  • Review by: ELF
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: GLBTQ, Series: Stands Alone, * Contemporary, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: Love Lane Books Ltd

Notes And Roses - Stanford Creek Book 1

“Notes & Roses” by Rozenn (RJ) Scott is an entertaining introduction to a delightful small town family and the members of a music group that they form a relationship with. I was a little disconcerted to discover that this was the first in t...

4 Stars

Darach's Cariad - The Fire Trilogy Book 2

Doug's Review I am a big fan of Science Fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and the like. After reading RJ Scott's first book in the The Fire Trilogy series, Kian, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read this book, Darach, as well. The boo...

4 Stars

Splintered Lies - In The Shadow Of The Wolf Book 3

Splintered Lies was a very good addition to the In the Shadow of the Wolf series. I liked it as much as the first two books. It can stand alone, but I would recommend that it be read in series order. Nick’s love and attraction to Joe is int...

  • Authors: Diane Adams, RJ Scott
  • Review by: Sandra
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, GLBTQ, * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Love Lane Books Ltd

Guarding Morgan - Sanctuary Book 1

When an FBI safe house is compromised, a member of the detail sends the witness on a route with explicit instructions and calls on a friend to protect the witness. I liked the premise of not only the story, but of Sanctuary as well. I found...


The Only Easy Day - Sanctuary Book 2

I enjoyed reading The Only Easy Day because of the characters, the pacing, and the story. I did, however, have a couple minor quibbles with it. While I liked Dale and Joseph in and of themselves, I'm not entirely sure if I can see them toge...

4 Stars

Face Value - Sanctuary Book 3

When Beckett's parents die he finds out that he was adopted as a child. He gets a letter from his birth mother and he finds out that his father and uncles are corrupt and dangerous to him. So he tries to get the evidence his mother left for...

3 Stars

Texas Winter - Texas Series Book 2

I found myself really enjoying Texas Winter - from the characters to the plot to how they intertwined to bring together a well-rounded read. The story showcases Jack's steadiness, Riley's lack of confidence (in some ways), the stress of the...


Texas Heat - Texas Series Book 3

Texas Heat is a nice addition to the series and I liked reading the new developments in Riley's and Jack's relationship - as well as what cogs are thrown in next. One thing I liked seeing this time around is the parallel storylines of what...


Shattered Secrets - In The Shadow of the Wolf, #1

Jamie is a gay werewolf. Adding that to the mix of racism and gay rights doesn't make for a good life for him. Werewolves have come out to society and have been accepted. New laws have been put in place for the guidance of society. Jamie lo...