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Dangerous Dream - A Beautiful Creatures Story

Can I just start this off by saying that I loved this novella? As a huge fan of the Beautiful Creatures saga, I was saddened when I thought it was over. I was immensely glad to see that it was not over, but it was changed, and this novella...


Unbreakable - The Legion, #1

I am a fan of Kami Garcia from her other book series with Margaret Stohl. However, I'm not so sure Mrs. Garcia went in the right direction with Unbreakable. At first I really enjoyed Kennedy and her best friend. I enjoyed their banter. I li...

3 Stars


What happens when an ordinary kid wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and begins the day in a grumpy mood? CRANKENSTEIN! Yup, that’s what you are dealing with as you’ll see when you read this picture book. As the child a simple question l...

4 Stars

Hate List

Hate List’s description had me reeling and hoping that the girl was dreaming or something. But, of course, she wasn't. The book shows how something so meaningless to someone can be something so big to someone else. It shows that bad things...

4 Stars