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Ursula K. Le Guin: The Complete Orsinia: Malafrena / Stories and Songs

Orsinia: For most of us, we are born, we live, and we die. That’s the way it is and the way it always has been. But there are some others of us who are born with a very special fire that resides within the soul. We don’t recognize this fire...

4 Stars

Elmore Leonard: Four Later Novels: Get Shorty / Rum Punch / Out of Sight / Tishomingo Blues

This collection features four novels by the prolific crime novelist Elmore Leonard. These books were originally published throughout the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s. The first book featured is ‘Get Shorty’, the first novel featuring Ch...


Kurt Vonnegut 1950-1962 - Novels & Stories 1950-1962

Reading Vonnegut: 1950-1962 reminded me how much I enjoyed reading Kurt Vonnegut years ago. This volume of stories took me back to school with "Harrison Bergeron" (having read it for school twice) and The Sirens of Titan (having read it ind...

5 Stars

Women Crime Writers of the 1940s & 50s - Vol 1

Four female authors are represented in this anthology of suspense novels of the 1940's- Vera Caspary, Helen Eustis, Dorothy B. Hughes and Elisabeth Sanxay Holding. These four women are pioneers of the noir mystery. I have read a few noir no...


Women Crime Writers of the 1940s & 50s - Vol 2

After reading Women Crime Writers of the 1940's I had the pleasure of moving onto the 1950's, Volume 2. The authors included in this anthology were- Charlotte Armstrong, Patricia Highsmith, Margaret Millar and Dolores Hitchens. I so enjoy r...

  • Authors: Charlotte Armstrong, Patricia Highsmith, Margaret Millar, Dolores Hitchens
  • Review by: Pamela Robinson
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Library of America

Elmore Leonard: Four Novels of the 1980s: City Primeval / LaBrava / Glitz / Freaky Deaky

This 4 volume set of prolific crime stories by Elmore Leonard spotlights the author's eccentric, often quirky, and definitely gritty crime dramas, written throughout the 1980's. The first story is City Primeval (also known as City Primeval:...


Elmore Leonard: Four Novels of the 1970s - Library of America #255

Novel 1 - Fifty- Two Pickup Fifty- Two Pickup is the story of Mitchell, a business man being blackmailed because of his extramarital affair. Mitchell is no dummy though and so before handing over the cash, he decides to find out who is behi...