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Lukos Heat - Heart of Fire, #1

Luko's Heat wasn't hot at all and didn’t ring my bell. I’m sorry to say, the story didn't really do much for me. I like dragons, but I couldn't get into Najlah. He just didn't appeal to me. Lukos was a shape shifter but mating him to Najlah...


Baby's on Fire

This was a really well done and creative story. Gerry Faun is a middle age guy who is living an average, if not somewhat boring, life. Gerry's had exciting times though as he was once the boyfriend of famous rock star Mark Devon. Things did...


Scarred Souls

Damien is having a rough day. He's unhappily attended his first group therapy session for an eating disorder. Towards the end he meets another member of the group briefly. On his way home that evening Damien sees this boy, Josh, hundled up...


Moon Chilled

Caitlin Ricci delivers a different take on a shifter story. She introduces us to a younger heroine who has been separated from her pack and mate and yet finds a way to thrive. We follow Shae through the rough journey she took to overcome he...



Can I just say, WOW on the sex scenes...they are not only detailed but tell a story. They weren't vulgar or turned me off in the slightest, they were very well written. I loved how the author told this story. Alex got turned onto Danny at t...


Camellia - Camellia, #1

Camillia is a captivating story that starts out with a woman named Danny. She is a model who is sent to assist Lucy in an upcoming convention. This story soon evolves into a subtle, intelligent, and passionate romance between two woman who...

5 Stars