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Rosey Red with Blood on Her Hands - The Albion Book 1

The year is 1892, and Rosey Rydall is a check in girl at THE ALBION, a moderate class hotel on Carlyle Street. In addition to her duties at the hotel, Rosey also runs an informal body selling business with the town coroner, Anton Larsen. Ro...

5 Stars

Darkly Skewed - Dark Carnival Book 1

Once a successful surgeon and later coroner, life was perfect for Shaun Collins until an attack late one night in the morgue. Whatever demon he encountered rendered him a living corpse with a thirst for blood. With no hope, and becoming inc...

5 Stars

Undoing the Swan Girl

Princess, along with her six brothers, live far off in the forest under the cloak of innocence. Their simple life is destroyed when their father marries, and their stepmother, a skilled herbalist, places the brothers under a spell of hemloc...

5 Stars

Eve of All Hallows

Jamie searches the world in an attempt to find self-fulfillment. Her travels take her from England to Majorca shortly before Halloween. The first night, through her window, she spots a naked man on the beach, and there is an instant, sizzli...

5 Stars

Save Me: Believe Again - Rise Series, #2

Save Me: Believe Again is the second book in the Rise Series and the story stands alone. The book treads on the sensitive area of suicide, so readers beware. If you’re looking for a tough alpha hero, you will not find it here. Instead, you...

5 Stars

Forever Red Christmas

Alexander May, a natural born vampire, lives a quiet secluded life. Over the years he has been able to curb his need for blood and energy. A few times a year, when the loneliness becomes too much to bear, he ventures out just to be among li...

5 Stars

See Me

Since she was a little girl, Charlotte Anders knew she was special—she just didn’t know why. It’s 1896 as the story opens, and all Charlotte wants is to become a funeral director like her father. A tragic fire at a lumber mill changes Charl...

5 Stars