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A Simple Misunderstanding - Corbin's Bend, #7

A Simple Misunderstanding is part of the Corbin's Bend series. The books in this series revolve around the residents of Corbin's Bend, a community that embraces domestic discipline in all its forms. Each story can be read on its own. I was...


The Silver Cage

I'm an early riser, so it's usually, early to bed for me, not last night. I stayed up to well past midnight because I couldn't stop reading The Silver Cage, by Mik Wilkins. Among my seven published books, three are fantasy. Eighteen years a...

5 Stars

Drew in Blue

Drew in Blue was an amazing story. I really loved it. Drew is a great guy with good intentions; it just doesn't work out for him always. His son means so much to him and so does his best friend. Family is everything though he is never sure...

5 Stars

Monogamy Sucks - A Swinger's Tale

Jake Dalmas is a man who finds himself utterly bored with monogamy. He may find someone he enjoys for a little while, but then the sex gets terribly old after a few weeks, sometimes even after a few days. He has realized that he not only wa...

2 Stars