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Dirty Trouble - The Vinnie Esposito Series, #2

Vinnie Esposito is driving Interstate 95 at 6am when suddenly someone hits the rear of her car causing her to leave the road and head down a knoll toward an embankment. The car comes to a rest hanging precariously on a bridge. Vinnie grabs...


Cold Moon Dead - The Vinnie Esposito Series, #4

Mobsters, carjacking, shootings, intruders and threatening calls continue to bring excitement to Vinnie’s life, excitement that Vinnie would really like to do without. Vinnie, through no fault of her own, is drawn into danger and must find...


For Love of Livvy - The Vinnie Esposito Series, #1

Ms. Griffin's first in the Vinnie Esposito series is a lively, fast moving story with an arrange of characters that bring the story to life. You will not regret the time spent enjoying this and each of the books in this series. Be sure to h...


Dead Wrong - The Vinnie Esposito Series, #3

This delightful story opens in the somber setting of the funeral of Nate Esposito, the great uncle of Lavinia Esposito. The service is well attended by a diverse group of people. Each sub-group is quickly identified Vinnie, the mob members,...


Her Kind of Man

This book was a very interesting read. It shows that if you really are meant for someone you will eventually end up with them. Ross is a cow farmer. He inherited the farm with his brother from their father. He has always been attracted to K...

3 Stars

Pride and Fire

Paul, Viscount Leed, had never been able to forget the beautiful redhead that had captured his attentions a year ago. Feeling unsure, he had come across cold and indifferent rather than pursue the lady. Michelle Thomas had felt an instant a...


Return To Life

Jacqueline Druga-Johnston’s latest release, Return to Life is a wonderful and entertaining story. This story is a romantic suspense, with a heavy dose of paranormal, which I love.   The story is about two strangers, Julian Harris...

3 Stars

Out Of Darkenss

When Genny Lynn wakes up in the hospital with no memories of her past, she is shocked to learn that she is married to Luc, a man who despises her, and that her injuries were the result of an apparent murder attempt. After she goes home with...


The Jaguar Legacy - A Paranormal Romantic Suspense

When archaeologist Dr. Alistar Kincaid discovers the site of Olmec ruins in Mexico, he's determined to use them to redeem his battered reputation. But with his funding nearly depleted, jaguar sightings and superstitious locals, he's met wit...

4 Stars