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The Hookup - Moonlight and Motor Oil Series Book 1

I am a Kristen Ashley fangirl. I will read anything this woman writes because her books never disappoint me. I can still say that I was pulled in deep with this absolutely fantastic book. Johnny Gamble. Reading that name and one just knows...


The Time in Between - The Magdalene Series Book 3

Kristen Ashley has always been one of my favorite authors and with each book the Magdalene series gets better and better. Cady is just one of those characters that I connected with immediately. I felt her pain, loss and confusion. Her shame...

5 Stars

Bounty - Colorado Mountain Series Book 7

Like anyone Justice has problems with her family or certain family members I should say. She’s in a world of hurt because her dad died and her brother is being a dick for lack of a better term. When Jussy distances herself from him and the...

5 Stars

Sebring - The Unfinished Hero, #5

I hate that this series is ending...man Kristen took me on a ride with this. I loved all her characters from Knight and Anya to Sylvia and the others. Each one got their nightmares and battles they had to fight through and it made it even b...

4 Stars

Hold On - The 'Burg Series, #6

I am so sad to see this series end. The Burg by Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite series beside The Unfinished Hero, Colorado Mountain and Magdalene. The characters were so great and I connected to each and every one of them. I was so ab...


Soaring - The Magdalene Series, #2

Amelia, Amelia, what can I say except she’s totally awesome and I wish she was in my life. She had an uphill battle when it came to getting her kids back and being in their life but she never gave up. Her ex-­husband is a real piece of work...

5 Stars