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Long Hill Home

I found Long Hill Home to be rather sad but interesting at the same time. You had to feel bad for Kelly as well as Chad. Kelly had been attacked and was working hard to get back to normal so her husband and kids wouldn't leave her. Chad was...

4 Stars

The Vintage Club

Is it possible that wine could be the very elixir of life? Quite possibly, yes, if it were made from a specific variety of grapes that are believed to date back to the time of Christ and The Last Supper. Or at least that’s what the elite gr...

5 Stars

Sir, I Can Explain

Jenny O'Shane is a major in the US military. She was to be the lead in a security team to protect General Penfant during a ceremony in his honor. A Saudi Arabia Crown Prince is the host. The Saudis are having an issue with a female as the l...