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Seduced by the Laird - Conquered Brides Series, #2

Head back to old Scotland in the time of Wallace’s death and Robert the Bruce coming to lead the Scots. This book will have you involved with the violence, betrayals and lives of those living in those times. Okay, so this book is fiction bu...

5 Stars

Conquered by the Highlander - Conquered Brides Series, #1

This book may be the first in a spin off series but it is sure to grab your attention and keep it. There’s no need to know anything about the series this one spun off of as it definitely stands by itself and it’s characters are outstanding...


A Kilted Christmas Wish

A quick fun Christmas story that can be read in just a few hours. Darla wishes for a Christmas miracle and Aaron may be it. These characters are well developed and are fun to read about. That’s not to say everything is sweetness and light b...


The Highlander's Sin - The Stolen Bride Series, #6

Fleeing through the highlands with totally different reasons are how the two main characters begin their journey. A bloody past will influence why the Priest has agreed to kidnap a young woman while politics has Heather wanting to leave the...

4 Stars

The Rebound Pact

Not exactly best friends falling in love but best friend of older brother falling in love with little sister without the brother’s knowledge and against his wishes. Yeah, at some point it becomes a bit immature (brother’s attitude) but the...

4 Stars

Behind the Plaid - Highland Bound

When Emma finds a way to escape her abusive husband, she never imagined that it would lead her straight into the arms of a handsome 16th-century Scottish Laird. Logan, Laid of Gealach, harbors a secret that could destroy Scotland, yet when...


The Highlander's Triumph

This is one of my favorite Highlander series and I am so glad to have discovered the talented Eliza Knight. She is an excellent storyteller. The Highlander's Triumph is the fifth book in The Stolen Bride series. It's a very sexy and excitin...

4 Stars

The Highlander's Warrior Bride - The Stolen Bride Series, #4

I have enjoyed each book in the Stolen Brides series. Each story has been unique in its own way. However, I must say that Knight really stepped out of the box with this one and it just may be my favorite. Julianna has to be my favorite hero...


A Knight's Victory - The Rules of Chivalry, #2

Romance and intrigue abound in this entertaining read from Eliza Knight. A Knight's Victory is my second story from Ms. Knight, and I have enjoyed her work in each one. The quality of writing was impressive, and I dare to say that she is fa...

4 Stars

The Highlander's Lady - The Stolen Bride Series, #3

Myra Munro has known great tragedy in her life, and for that reason, she has spent most of her life being over protected by her family. Hiding in the shadows and observing the people around her, except for one dance shared with our hero, bu...


The Highlander's Reward - The Stolen Bride Series

The Highlander's Reward was an awesome read. I absolutely loved it. It will draw you in from the very beginning and you won't want to put it down. It is packed full of emotion, amazing characters, action, and intrigue. I loved Magnus and Ar...

5 Stars