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Misdeeds - Death Dwellers MC, #2.5

First of all, I am so hooked on this series. I felt that Kathryn Kelly took things to the next level with this one. Once again, I found myself pulled into a great story that took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Oh yes, it was hard t...


Misunderstood - Death Dwellers MC, #2

This is the third story in the Death Dwellers MC series. Now, I got to say that no way did I think the series could get any better. Well, Kathryn Kelly kicked the doors down with this awesome novel. It's that good. It's a gut wrenching emot...

5 Stars

Misappropriate - Death Dwellers’ MC #1.5

"Misappropriate" is one of those books that you do not wanna miss. Kathryn Kelly is my new 'go to' author for my MC fix. "Misappropriate" is a hard and fast ride with everything I enjoy reading in an MC book. It's raw and gritty, and Kelly...


Misled - Death Dwellers MC, #1

This was a good book. One that I liked, despite feeling some guilt for how much I enjoyed it. You see, the author kept the story very true to the MC life of the setting. There was never a dull moment with lots of things happening. Plenty of...