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Alchemy With Benefits - Sorcery by the Sea Book 3

Though marked the third book in Ms. Leon’s Sorcery of the Sea series, this book actually follows book one. Regardless, you can start with this one as it does stand alone. Comical errors and a ghostly sea captain make this book extremely hum...


Wild Cards - Sorcery by the Sea Book 2

Though this book is labeled as part of the Sorcery by the Sea series, it is only very loosely attached. That is it only mentions San Buena and is not actually set there. It is set in Las Vegas and there is a lot more than flashy lights happ...


Hoodoo Blue - Sorcery By The Sea, Book 1

You’ve never seen a blind date like this one. Funny doesn’t describe it well enough. All of the characters have issues which feed into the hilarity. However, under all of the laughs is a budding romance. Between total errors and freak outs,...


MacBrun, Bearly a Nip - MacBrun, #1

This is a great first book in a series and you can easily see many directions that it can go. This story is well paced and gives lots of background on the MacBrun clan. They aren’t exactly your typical Scots. They change into bears. The why...

  • Author: Katalina Leon
  • Review by: Terri
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Romance: BBW/Rubenesque
  • Publisher: Katalina Leon