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Undeniably Asher - The Colloway Brothers, #2

When fate sends Asher Colloway a wake-up call, there was no way that he was going to ignore it, but he’ll have to decide just what he’s willing to do to keep Alyse Kingsley in this gripping contemporary romance. Deceit and betrayal are all...

4 Stars
  • Author: K.L. Kreig
  • Review by: Evampire
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, * SPICY: HOT Romance, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: K.L. Kreig

Reawakening - Regent Vampire Lords, #3

Romaric Dietrich lost his Moira long ago, so how is it that he instantly knows that Sarah is his – he better figure it out because only bonded together can they win the deadly battles ahead in this spellbinding paranormal romance. Having be...

5 Stars

Belonging - Regent Vampire Lords, #2

Analise will do whatever she has to do, to find her friend, even if that means accepting help from the one man who has the ability to destroy her permanently - in this thrilling vampire romance. Analise doesn’t understand why she can bear D...

5 Stars

Surrendering - Regent Vampire Lords, #1

By taking a chance and doing the right thing, Kate Martin’s life is turned upside down, not only is she not dismissed as a crackpot, she becomes the target of a rogue vampire, and she comes face to face with the man of her erotic dreams in...

5 Stars