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This Rough Magic

This Rough Magic was a wonderful story and of a type to be expected from the electronic pen of Josh Lanyon. The story was - for me - a delightful read and peek into the San Francisco of the mid-20th century (if I have the time frame correct...

5 Stars

Out Of The Blue

The skies above France during the Great War see a cleaner, almost courtlier, flight than the trenches do.  Even so, the fighting that the German and British aces lead in the skies brings its own form of danger and wild risks.  And...


Don't Look Back

Don’t Look Back is a standalone novella but will also be part of the next Partners in Crime 5 anthology. This is a great intro for new readers to Josh Lanyon’s books. Don’t Look Back pulled me in from the opening pages whe...


A Vintage Affair

Reading Josh Lanyon's A Vintage Affair was like being dropped into a skewed version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams and the 1944 film Arsenic and Old Lace written by Joseph Kesselring and directed by Frank Capra. If you have...


Dangerous Ground

When Taylor Mac Allister and Will Brandt go hiking in the mountains to work out their partnership problems and relationship problems they get into a bit more trouble than even they and bargained for. While Taylor ia recovering from a gunsho...

3 Stars

The Darkling Thrush

Colin Bliss is a book hunter working at the Imperial Arcane Library. Although he has had experience back home in the United States as a book hunter, he has seen little more than desk duty at the Library and he wants more. The opportunity ar...

4 Stars

Old Poison - Dangerous Ground, #2

Will Brandt and Taylor MacAlister are not only Special Agents - and partners - for the Department of Diplomatic Security, they are friends who become something more after a camping trip. Is it love or just sex? It is when Taylor receives a...


I Spy Something Wicked

What do you do when your past comes to haunt you on All Hallow's?  What if the choice is between accepting a job that's guaranteed to kill you and staying with a partner who loves you and might not take you back if, by some chance, you...


The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks

Returning from a disastrous romantic weekend Perry Foster is surprised when he finds a dead body in his bathtub. He goes to get help but when Nick Reno goes to investigate he can't find a body but knows something isn't right when the police...

3 Stars