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In Constant Fear

In Constant Fear, by Peter Liney, pulls your attention from the very first page. I didn't realize that this was book three in a series until almost the end of the book when a few references to the past were made. In Constant Fear is definit...

5 Stars


Move over, Sherlock Holmes! Dr. Bond is on the case! When a serial killer who seems to be a copycat of the notorious Jack the Ripper terrorizes the streets of Whitechapel, police surgeon/detective Dr. Thomas Bond is convinced they are deali...

5 Stars

Swords of Good Men - The Valhalla Saga

In the old days, when the Viking warriors ruled the waters of Scandinavia, battles were fought and cities were plundered. For many, not much is known about why the Vikings fought each other in addition to plundering and raiding villages in...

5 Stars