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Louisiana Longshot - Miss Fortune Mystery #1

I am a HUGE fan of Jana DeLeon with her humorous novels about small towns with big Southern drama. She has hit another novel bullseye with Louisiana Longshot . Along beside Fortune, readers will get sucked into the murder mystery of the mos...



Mallory Devereaux is a very extraordinary woman. She has an unusual gift of making things happen to people after she touches them, unlucky things. When she needs money to help herself and a good friend, she uses this gift to "cool" cards on...

5 Stars

Rumble on the Bayou

Dorie Berenger wears many hats in Gator Bait, Louisiana, two of them being deputy sheriff and game warden. Because of these jobs she is called out to Maylene Thibodeaux's house. Maylene is the local drunk who gets smashed on her own homemad...