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The Cadence Caper - The Sarah McDougall Series

Sarah McDougall is back, as is Raven Deville. Sarah is lounging peacefully on the patio outside of the Ringling Art Museum looking out at the Gulf Coast when suddenly she receives a vision of an elderly woman being abducted. Shaken by what...

5 Stars

Tangled to Death

I cannot say enough good things about this book. I have always enjoyed her books, but this one shows a different approach and style to Griffith's writing. I hope you will enjoy Tangled In Death as much as I did. Katie Greer came to Schmitz...


Murder on Spyglass Lane - The Sarah McDougall series

J. M. Griffin became one of my favorite authors when I read her Vinnie Esposito Series. I fell in love with her style of witty dialog and well rounded, bold characters that make you like them and want to know them better. The Sarah McDougal...


Faerie Cake Dead

I'm not sure where to start. The blurb caught me with its quirky cuteness and I really expected something high paced and comedic. The reality was quite different. The story is more of a murder/mystery than a fantasy with odd things happenin...

3 Stars