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The Children - Progeny of Evolution, #3

The White children grow up, though it is discovered that they won’t be like their parents and emerge. This book covers the lives of the First Children from about age 12 to maybe their early 30’s, though there are a few hints about their lat...


The Corporation - Progeny of Evolution, #2

The beginning is a little slow, but don’t let that stop you. The Corporation takes place about roughly six years after The Other Kind ended. Environmental concerns of today are a glaring reality, as this is set several years into the future...

4 Stars

The Other Kind - Progeny of Evolution, #1

This is a very different take on the usual vampire and werewolf story, quite unique. Vampires thought werewolves were a myth until Jim met Samantha, and werewolves thought vampires were a myth, until Samantha met Jim. Each tried to make the...