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Charades - Games People Play, #1

This entertaining romantic suspense tale provides a gradually unfolding mystery that ensnares two strangers in a situation that forces them to see beyond the superficiality and learn more about each other’s true natures. I enjoyed the contr...

4 Stars

Rondeau - A Sequel to Madrigal: A Novel of Gaston LeRoux's The Phantom of the Opera

Erik and Anna have been on the run for years, but seem to have found peace in a quiet German village with their two children. But ghosts from the past rise up and threaten to destroy everything. When Anna is captured by Loup, Raoul's bounty...

5 Stars

Camelot's Enchantment

"Camelot's Enchantment" was a fascinating book about what could have happened differently with King Aurthur and his knights. I am a huge fan of anything relating to this time period and of fairies as well. This story blended the two topics...


Lochs and Lasses

Each story in Lochs and Lasses by Cynthia Breeding is enchanting and captivating. From Knights to Highlanders to Rogues, this anthology has it all! Strong and witty, the men featured would make any woman swoon. Fans of Historical Romance an...


Prelude to Camelot

This book begins with Arthur, Gwenhwyfar, and Lancelot as children and follows them through adolescence into young adulthood.   I was quite intrigued by Ms. Breeding’s take on the Camelot legends. I thought Merlin or Myrddin have...


Project Mendel

Okay. Primarily this is a science fiction book with lots of romance and it's a page-turner thriller. I sat up until almost three in the morning reading this book because I couldn't put it down. Brynn Chapman has written a well-res...

5 Stars

Abendlied - Book 2

Erik and Anna are on the run from Raoul's hunters, accused of multiple murders, including, Phillipe de Chagny, brother to Raoul. Christine fights her attraction to her Angel of Music, wanting a life with Raoul, her son Andre, and the daught...

5 Stars

Second Time Around

As far as romance anthologies go this one had several stories that will stay with me for a long time. The key to great storylines is the unforeseen occurrences that can alter and change a reader’s perspective by the end of the st...

4 Stars
  • Authors: Cynthia Breeding, Karen Michelle Nutt, Kristen Scott, Erin E.M. Hatton, Gerri Bowen, Kimberly Ivey Wuttke
  • Review by: Dreamweaver
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, * Romance: Historical, * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Highland Press Publishing


Most people have sweet sixteen parties or look forward to getting their driver’s license on their sixteenth birthday but Cheyenne’s birthday was a bit different. On Cheyenne’s sixteenth birthday she was inducted as a...

5 Stars

Operation: Love

Mission: Devil Dog by Tara Nina   Riley Worthington made the biggest mistake in her life and career. She left the “Right One” years ago with a broken heart. Now she is determined to win Sergeant Jack Stone back even if its...


The Wine Seekers

Nicola Romolo, son of a foreman, had fallen in love with Gianna Silvano, the vineyard owner’s daughter, and she with him. Unfortunately, in the early 1900’s of Italy, class distinctions would keep the young lovers apart. When th...


Madrigal - A novel of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera

Many "sequels" to well-known classics fall short, lacking the spark of talent that blazed in the original. Jennifer Linforth's Madrigal is the exception to the rule, being the perfect continuation to the story that everyone knows and loves....

5 Stars

Moon of the Falling Leaves

Swift Eagle had no idea that his dreams would lead him to Jessica Maxwell and her kids, but he comes upon stranded on the mountain, he knows it’s his destiny to protect them from harm. Distrustful of Indians, and fearful of the L...

5 Stars

Saving Tampa

Rachel Cunningham’s mother knew from an early age her daughter was different from other children. She had a psychic ability called the second sight, often seeing things she did not want to see. As an adult, Rachel once used her unwant...

4 Stars

Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues

Even though Rita Markum grew up in Grasmere, Ohio, she desperately wanted to leave the country life behind her. Now living and working in Seattle, her life is completely different. She carries herself like a city girl and she is q...

5 Stars

Flames Of Gold

A New Tradition by Leanne Burroughs (score 3.5): Abigail Sommers is helping out a friend, while on vacation with her mother and father in Saratoga Springs, NY. She is filling in as a waiter in one of the resorts hotel restaurants. She&rsquo...


Love Under The Mistletoe - A Romance Anthology - Leanne Burroughs, Judith Leigh, Amy Blizzard, Billie Warren Chai, Gerri Bowen, Deborah MacGillivray

Forever Love by Leanne Burroughs : Hank Beaumont fell fast and hard for Jessica Ashbury, when he rescued her after she had been kidnapped from the stagecoach. Jessica doesn’t correct Hank when he assumes her dead brother is her husban...


Romance Upon a Midnight Clear (anthology) - Leanne Burroughs, Rebecca Andrews, Patty Howell, Isabel Mere, Amber Dawn Bell, Erin E.M. Hatton, Jill and Julia, Deborah MacGillivray

Johnny’s Fortune by Leanne Burroughs : Rosemary Traviata has had a crush on Johnny Fortunato since high school. But they aren’t in high school anymore, and Rosemary isn’t sure Johnny is serious when he asks her to dance. J...


Love and Silver Bells

Act II, Scene I by Polly McCrillis : Leah Redmond was once an up and coming new star. 4 years ago tragedy struck and she hasn’t stepped foot on a stage since then. When Leah’s sister tosses a script for “A Christmas Carol&...


Passion and Prejudice

Madison Todd, a veterinarian in the mill town of Chemsly, believes the Glendon Forest Products mill is poisoning the town. After her father dies, she sets out to shut the mill down, an unpopular position with town's residents.   Little...


Southern Fried Trouble - A Hannaford Twins Mystery

Ace and Deecey Hannaford are twins.  Ace and Deecey aren’t their real names but that is what they go by.  Their father is a Florida state senator and loves to try and control their lives even though they are grown.  Ace...

2 Stars

Brides of the West - Anthology

Comprised of three novellas, Brides of the West is a romance anthology set in the late 1800's in Texas. Each story involves a mail-order bride. While each desperate woman has her own reason for moving to Texas and marrying a man she's never...


Blood on the Tartan

This is a tale based on true events in the Scottish Highlands during the 19th Century concerning the land clearances and evictions that occurred to make way for sheep and sheep farmers. Catherine Ross is a widow living in the village of Gre...


In Sunshine or In Shadow

This was a lovely story sweetly told. It's been a while since I've picked up a classic romance like this one, full of old-world charm and grace. It didn't hurt that Ireland is one of my favorite places to visit in a story. I did have some p...

4 Stars

Cat O' Nine Tales

Cat O'Nine Tales is an anthology of 9 stories and each of them includes a very special cat. Each story is unique and has it's own twist that will make your heart melt. Some of the stories have elements from other stories in the book or othe...


Rebel Heart - Aspen Gold 2007 Finalist - Historical Category

In 1873, Courtney Danning defied her wealthy father's wishes and traveled alone from New York to Santa Fe to marry the man she thinks she loves. Widowed on her wedding day, Courtney realizes that her husband wasn't the only man awaiting her...


Faery Special Romances

Faery Special Romances is a collection of ten wonderful fairy stories. Kelly is your guide through the whole book. She stars in each story as a special girl who helps people find love. She helps both the fey and humans. Some stories are abo...

4 Stars