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A Twist of Date - Better Date than Never series Novella

Melanie Porter cannot keep a boyfriend at all. Every single man she has dated has cheated, lied, or walked away. Okay, the walking away usually came after she starts talking about commitment and the future after only one or two dates, but w...

4 Stars

Truth or Date - Better Date than Never series, Book #2

This is the second book in the Better Date than Never Series and Ms. Hatler has penned another winner in my opinion. In this story, we find Gina coming out of a ten year relationship that did nothing for her. Unfortunately, it left a bad im...

4 Stars

Love At First Date

Ms. Hatler penned another sweet and enjoyable story for her readers to get lost in for a little while. In this first book of the Better Date than Never series, we find Ellen signing up for an online dating site called Detailed Dating. She f...

4 Stars

Shaken - Mind Reader, #1

Kylie Bates is your ordinary teenager just trying to make it through high school. That is until one day she shakes hands with a salesman, who is at her door looking for her deceased mother, and it seems that everything begins to change for...

4 Stars

An Unexpected Date - Treasured Dreams, #1

Talented Holly loves nothing better than to sell her beautiful jewelry creations to promote her business, Treasured Creations. While selling her jewelry at the local Falling Leaves Festival, she meets a guy named Dave that seems to be truly...

4 Stars
  • Author: Susan Hatler
  • Review by: Diana Coyle
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Romantic Elements, * Under 45k Words, * Romance: Sweet
  • Publisher: Hatco, Inc.

My Last Blind Date - Better Date than Never series, Book #3

I really enjoyed this short story and felt the storyline was light and funny. I felt so bad that Rachel had three past disastrous blind dates and I really hoped that things were going to start turning around for her soon. I really liked Ell...

4 Stars