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Grizzly Perfection - Arcadian Bears Book 6

This book is part of a series but don’t let that stop you from reading this terrific paranormal romance. This story has lots going for it and definitely stands alone. All three of the main characters are terrific though Nolan and Reid somet...


Grizzly Promise - Arcadian Bears Book 4

"Grizzly Promise" is a fantastic paranormal romance with real world issues (rape). It is done with compassion and there are not easy fixes. For that I love it. The characters are perfect. At some points I almost felt as if Wyatt was too per...


The Call of a SoulSoul Deep - White Wolf Pack Book 1

While this story sometimes becomes a bit confusing, it is only due to the complexity of the plot and it quickly becomes clear again. A world is developed based on Native American lore but with a paranormal twist. In addition, there is a str...

4 Stars

Prymal Obsession - Prymal, #2

Brut Jurango lives for one purpose – revenge but when Sidonie Walker’s life is threatened he can’t resist her call in this thrilling paranormal romance. Sidonie is used to disappointment so she tries to say out of Brut’s way since he shot h...

4 Stars

Prymal Passion - Prymal, #3

I chose this book mostly because it was a shifter story. It ended up being a very good book that hooked me right away, and kept me on the edge until the last page. This story was way more than I'd expected, including the fact that it's part...

4 Stars

Sinner - Hades Squad, #1

Destiny Devine loves her job as a book editor. Working with authors that do not want to listen is not so fun. Having to fly to Alaska to work with one such author could be a trip that will kill her. Stuck in a small town that has no motel,...

5 Stars

Lucifer - Hades Squad, #2

Sax and Nahlini met in a bar in Santa Fe and are very attracted to each other. They decide to go to his motel bedroom and have sex. Nahlini did not tell Sax she was a virgin so he got a surprise that night. After they got it on, Nahlini lef...

4 Stars

Prymal Lust - Prymal, #1

This is the first in the Prymal Series by Jianne Carlo and I am now a fan of the storyline that was introduced in the book. It was a fantastic read; it was fast paced, exciting and had a great plot. It kept me captivated from the beginning...


That Pearly Drop - Murphy’s Laws of Time Travel, #1

Woohoo! What a fun and outrageous book! I just finished reading That Pearly Drop by Jianne Carlo, and I loved every second of this novel. The story progressed so fast and rolled so seamlessly together that it was easy to jump from one scene...


Heart of a Warrior

Okay first of all I normally review contemporary and erotica not paranormal yet Lynn Lorenz (Theodora Lane) is an exception. This author rocked with Nic and Fiona. Nic is a serious warrior that takes his job very seriously. He wants to kill...

5 Stars