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The Whisperer

As I began my reading of "The Whisperer," I did have my doubts regarding how much I would be able to be convinced that I could love the story. Thankfully, I ended up falling in love with the western-theme of a South African romance. I immen...

4 Stars

Cold Feet at Christmas

When Leah Harvey goes looking for her groom before their Christmas Eve ceremony, she never expects to stumble upon him getting intimate with one of her bridesmaids. But honestly, this might be the perfect excuse for her to be a runaway brid...

4 Stars

On the Scent - The Psychic Detectives, Book 1

Angela Campbell is definitely a reader’s best friend. This is one fantastic adventure. Hannah Dawson is such a compassionate heroine, made all the more engaging because she doesn’t think she is. You can tell a lot about a person by how they...