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Immortal with a Kiss

Emma Andrews is a Dhampir or vampire hunter. She was born one though she didn't know it until she was an adult. While studying documents in Copenhagen, she receives a letter from Sebastian, a cousin of sorts, informing her of strange evil h...


The Headhunter's Daughter - A Mystery

This story offers a unique glimpse of apartheid Africa in the mid 1940s. A baby is taken from her home at 3 wks of age from a member of a native tribe with the sole purpose of ransoming the baby. This never occurs and the baby is found by a...


The Girl in the Green Raincoat

When a high-risk pregnancy forces, private investigator, Tess Monaghan to complete bed-rest, she will stop at nothing to solve a crime. In a Rear Window-like turn of events, Tess watches her neighbors from her bedside window. Each day, she...

4 Stars