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The Ex

When she hears that her former boyfriend is the prime suspect in three homicides, Olivia Randall decides she’ll step in and lend a hand in his defense. A well known defense lawyer, Olivia certainly has the expertise to assist in the case, p...


Violent Crimes - Amanda Jaffe Series

Attorney Amanda Jaffe, the heroine of a series of legal thrillers by Philip Margolin, faces a serious ethical dilemma in this latest adventure. When the senior partner of a Portland, Oregon, law firm is found dead and his son confesses to t...


Second Life

SECOND LIFE is the second novel by S.J. Watson, best-selling author of BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP. Julia seems to have a quiet, normal life with her doctor husband, Hugh, and their teen son, Connor. When Julia's sister, Kate, is brutally murdered...

4 Stars

The 3rd Woman

Imagine the not terribly farfetched idea that the United States has had to default on debt held by China and to get off the financial hook, the government has allowed a few Chinese military bases on U.S. soil. That’s the central premise her...

4 Stars

The Toy Taker - DI Sean Corrigan, #1

In this new suspense series, Luke Delaney has used his own experiences as a British police detective to create a realistic set of characters and circumstances that give his novels the ring of authenticity that only an insider could manage....

4 Stars

Love Is Red - The Nightsong Trilogy, #1

If you would like to try an occult-tinged thriller with a contemporary urban setting, “Love Is Red” would be the perfect read. This debut novel by Sophie Jaffe is a haunting tale of love, revenge, fear and faith seasoned with just a touch o...

4 Stars

The Bookseller

Cynthia Swanson builds the premise of this intriguing novel around the “what if?” question that we sometimes ask ourselves. In other words, what would our lives have been like if we made a different choice when we came to a crossroad in our...

4 Stars

The Perfect Stranger

When I selected this book to review, I knew I could count on this author to deliver an awesome suspense novel. I was not disappointed. I have read another Wendy Corsi Staub novel and it was a well-written story crafted so perfectly that it...

5 Stars

Asylum City

It is her first murder investigation and Tel Aviv officer Anat Nachmias doesn’t want to make any mistakes as she seeks the killer. The dead woman, Michal Poleg, was a volunteer aid worker who assisted the city’s burgeoning immigrant populat...


The Agincourt Bride

Guillamette, after losing her first child at birth, become a wet nurse for the children of Charles VI of France. His court is held by a regent, due to the king’s fits of madness, but with the lack of supervision, the royal children suffer....

5 Stars

Gutenberg's Apprentice

You may have heard of Johann Gutenberg, his printing innovations and famous Bible, but this piece of historical fiction sheds lights on two other men who were as much a part of the story as the volatile German himself. In “Gutenberg’s Appre...

4 Stars

The Holiday Home

The Holiday Home is a cute and realistic view of the inner workings of family life as well as the love and struggle between siblings. Readers are in for the trials and expectations of married life and the bonds between children and parents....

4 Stars

Cupcakes at Carrington's

Cupcakes at Carrington's is based on an interesting idea. I loved the plot, the characters and the idea of following in your parents footsteps. However, the lack of the sweet tasting cupcakes, the confusing (at times) abbreviations, and the...

3 Stars

The Heist - Gabriel Allon

Bestselling author Daniel Silva hit a grand slam with this thriller that combines spies, stolen art and international terror. At the center of this exciting, international adventure is a missing masterpiece, Caravaggio’s Nativity with St. F...

4 Stars

Worthy Brown's Daughter

This novel marks a departure from Philip Margolin’s normal modern courtroom dramas. The Portland, Oregon, author looks no farther than his own backyard for this period piece set in the 19th century in his home state. Based on a true story,...

4 Stars
  • Author: Phillip Margolin
  • Review by: Bob Walch
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Historical Fiction, Suspense: Mystery, Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Harper Alibeck

The Money Kill

The Money Kill is a edge of your seat suspense filled book that will grab a hold and will not let go. The story will take readers on a trip around the globe, to dark corners of Italy and the glittering towers of London, to the alleyways of...

4 Stars

The Dark Hour

Great novel! This reader enjoyed every single minute of The Dark Hour. Fast-paced and riveting action made this book a must read! The Dark Hour provides a fascinating glimpse into espionage, the role of a double agent, and the possibilities...

5 Stars