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Rocky Mountain Valor - Rocky Mountain Justice

“Rocky Mountain Valor” will keep you turning the pages to see what is coming next for Petra Sloane. Petra needs help because of a situation that she has been drawn into. She feels she doesn't have anyone else to turn to. So, she ends up tur...

5 Stars

Her Rocky Mountain Defender - Rocky Mountain Justice, #2

“Her Rocky Mountain Defender” by Jennifer D. Bokal follows Madelyn Thompkins as she is plunged into danger during her search for her missing sister. The man known as Roman DeMarco never expects his undercover assignment to be compromised by...


Reunited with the P.I. - Honor Bound #2

I wouldn’t have chosen this book if I didn’t think I would like it, but I do think I got more than I had bargained for!!! When a key witness fails to appear in court, Simone is in big trouble, but she knows Maya wouldn’t simply bail. The ju...


Colton Cowboy Protector - The Coltons of Oklahoma, #1

This exciting and sensual romantic suspense tale is a great start to a new series featuring the Oklahoma branch of the Colton family. I am not familiar with the books that are written by multiple authors about other members of this extended...


Secret Service Rescue - The Adair Legacy

This entertaining romantic suspense story is apparently connected to several others which detail the various members of a powerful woman’s family yet it can be read as a standalone. The mystery and gradually revealed relationships are juxta...

4 Stars

Fatal Exposure - Buried Secrets, #1

This romantic suspense novel is part of the ‘Buried Secrets’ series and does a nice job of providing an intriguing tale with several unexpected twists. The subject matter is a bit disturbing as more is revealed about the characters’ backgro...

4 Stars