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Billionaire's Bride for Revenge - Rings of Vengeance

In Michelle Smart's book, "Billionaire's Bride for Revenge", businessman Benjamin Guillem is out for revenge and he has the perfect plan! He'll steal his ex-friends fiance! What could possibly go wrong? I very much enjoyed this book. It was...


Kostas's Convenient Bride - Marrying a Tycoon

I wavered between a 3.5 and a 4 for Kosta's Convenient Bride because on one hand I really enjoyed how Kayla took Andreas to task when everything went sideways, but on the other hand I was a bit frustrated by the casual shorthand of using "G...

4 Stars

The Boss's Nine-Month Negotiation - One Night With Consequences

"The Boss's Nine-Month Negotiation" has a variety of good romance tropes - unexpected pregnancy, boss as lover, another woman, and a case of amnesia! When combined all together, this story was quite the easy read! I really liked both the ma...

4 Stars

Once a Moretti Wife

Michelle Smart’s “Once a Moretti Wife” is sexy and sharp, with deep characters and heart wrenching drama. I was intrigued by Anna and Stefano’s story from the very first page. Anna wakes up with no memory of the past year, the year in which...


The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize - The Billionaire's Legacy

A desperate plea and a mysterious painting lead to an epic hunt in Maisey Yates “The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize”. Gabby and Alex had a tough time working through past torments and old hurts, but they found an all-encompassing passion th...

3 Stars

The Queen's New Year Secret - Princes of Petras

The Queen’s New Year Secret was a quick and engaging read! I flew through it! Tabitha and Kairos are interesting characters with complicated histories. Yates adds flashback scenes to give us a good idea of their history together, which real...


The Redemption of Darius Sterne - The Twin Tycoons

Carole Mortimer is the queen of the Harlequin Presents contemporary romance. I've read many of Carole's books over the years and am delighted to read and review this latest one. I found this story to be very compelling and a little edgier t...

4 Stars

The Italian's Deal for I Do - Society Weddings

The Italian's Deal for I Do is a Harlequin Presents book and it hits all the boxes of fitting the line. Readers get a macho male character. I enjoyed the heroine and the overall storyline. In the end they were perfect for each other. Our he...

4 Stars

The Billionaire's Bridal Bargain - Bound by Gold

When reading Harlequin Presents novels featuring Billionaires, I know I can expect glamour and opulent wealth, and probably a man so used to women falling all over him he never figures he will have to work too hard to win a woman's love. Ce...

3 Stars

Expose Me - The Fifth Avenue Trilogy, #3

Alex Diaz is out to avenge his best friend’s death and he plans to use whatever or whoever to achieve it. He plans on using Chelsea, a famous talk show host to bring down Jason Treffen publically but he gets more than what he asks for. The...


Avenge Me - The Fifth Avenue Trilogy, #1

I did like Avenge Me, but for me it was a little drawn out and just an OK read. Overall I just did not hold my interest like I thought it would. In this tale Austin is born into wealth. He finds out that what he knew about his father was co...

3 Stars

Gambling with the Crown

I did enjoy Gambling with the Crown, however would I read it again? Maybe, possibly. I suppose it was a good book in terms of a light read, however I found it slightly predictable. So we have a Prince Kadir and his personal assistant Emily....