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One Night with the Army Doc

This story has some over the top aspects along with some interesting characters. Molly and Jake have some quirks that may take some getting use to. Molly loves to blurt out useless facts while Jake thinks people are going to be interested i...


Snowbound with Dr. Delectable

Dr. Baylie Walker loves her medical job at Snow Mountain Resort in West Virginia. Not only does she provide medical assistance to any of the injured guests that are at the ski resort, but also she gets to ski as much as she wants. It’s a wi...

5 Stars

The Nurse's Not - Madrin Memorial Hospital, #3

The Nurse's Not So Secret Scandal by Wendy S Marcus was an OK read. It’s enjoyable and I was able to understand the medical parts of this story. This story was about Roxie, who is a nurse, who is also her mom’s caretaker. Roxie works at a h...