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Saved by the Sheriff - Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery

I tell you Lacy is a better person than I would have been in her situation. She could have easily told the sheriff where to shove it and never spoke to him again. Instead she chooses to help him discover who the real killer is. If I had bee...

4 Stars

Ms. Calculation - Mystery Christmas, #1

"Ms. Calculation" is my introduction to author Danica Winters as well as the first book in her new Mystery Christmas series . The plot and the characters were complex, well developed and interesting. The relationship between Gwen Johansen a...

4 Stars

Abduction - Killer Instinct

Cynthia Eden’s latest romantic suspense centers around lost love and an unsolved kidnapping. Abduction is the story of Jillian West, a burned out FBI agent and Sheriff Hayden Black. Even in this shorter novel Cynthia Eden writes gripping an...


Law and Disorder - The Finnegan Connection

In this new series from Heather Graham, Kody has left her job in New York and gone home to help out her family. She's shocked when she is brought into the middle of a crime and kidnapped at gun point. She ends up held by a gang of men in th...


Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene - Cardwell Cousins, #5

“Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene” is the latest in B.J. Daniel’s Cardwell family series, and the first I’ve read in this series. There is an abundance of characters, and the story follows multiple perspectives. Because of all the perspective...


The Mansfield Rescue - The Mansfield Brothers

Being a smoke jumper is a hard, dangerous and courageous job. Amy is proud to be a smoke jumper and is glad to do the job. So it’s understandable that she’s frustrated when she has a bad jump and messes up her ankle. She’s out for the seaso...

4 Stars

My Spy: Last Spy Standing - HQ: Texas

Jamie Cassidy is under cover for a mission. Bree Tridle is a deputy sheriff who just wants to keep her town safe. When these two meet the sparks fly. Okay, so I really liked Shep from Spy in the Saddle, but Jamie in this book made me fall i...

5 Stars

The Prosecutor - Book 1

This enjoyable romantic suspense tale is a great look at the machinations involved in the legal world and also provides a heartbreaking perspective on the difficulty of proving one’s innocence. The author does a wonderful job of presenting...

4 Stars

Spy in the Saddle - HQ: Texas

Two people were brought back together again after ten years to work on a case together. Lilly and Shep Lewis have a troubled past that they can’t forget. The past still haunts Shep and when Lilly turns up at his work place, he is not happy...


The Defender - Book 2

The Defender by Adrienne Giordano is a 2014 Harlequin Intrigue publication. Penny is a defense attorney that gets caught in the crossfire when one of her clients is the target of a criminal that killed her husband and is trying to keep her...

4 Stars

Christmas at Cardwell Ranch

"Christmas at Cardwell Ranch" by B.J. Daniels is a wonderfully told story that you will want to read especially during the holidays. It is not just a Christmas story, but you will need to read the book to see what I mean. I really liked the...

5 Stars

A Kiss to Die For - Buried Secrets

This compelling romantic suspense tale provides an enthralling tale of two damaged people who are brought together by frightening circumstances. The gradual unfolding of their histories provides a compelling backdrop to the danger and tensi...


The Marine Next Door

A contemporary romantic suspense story that gives a glimpse of the lives of two wounded people who overcome their past traumas and continue to serve selflessly. The poignant reminder of the hurdles that a wounded soldier strives to overcome...

4 Stars

Three Cowboys - Harlequin Intrigue Series

“Three Cowboys” is a trio of tales by three talented romantic suspense authors; Julie Miller, Dana Marton and Paula Graves. Each author explores the actions of one of three brothers who have discovered that they have a younger half-sister w...

4 Stars
  • Authors: Julie Miller, Dana Marton, Paula Graves
  • Review by: ELF
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue

Justice at Cardwell Ranch - Cardwell Family, #4

Justice at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels is the fourth story in a Harlequin Intrigue series centering around the Cardwell family on a Montana Ranch. B.J. is a seasoned writer for Harlequin and my personal favorite. Enough background inform...

4 Stars

The Man from Gossamer Ridge - Cooper Justice

This was a thrilling read that reminds me that I have been missing quite a few excellent authors’ works by neglecting to read series romance titles. There are quite a few titles in this particular series that are all linked yet can be read...


Cowboy Alibi - #1088

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that series romances have come a very long way since I read them several decades ago. This story deftly ensnared my attention with its combination of suspense and romance that gradually escalate until...


Spy Hard

Jase Campbell can’t afford any distractions. He is undercover in South America and stuck in the middle of a war between drug lords. In the midst of this, Jase finds himself distracted by the beautiful, and pregnant, Melanie Key. Jase knows...

3 Stars

Last Spy Standing

Last Spy Standing is an action-packed adventure that will keep you intrigued from the very first page and does not stop until the last page. What should have been a routine mission for Mitch soon becomes a lot more complicated when undercov...

4 Stars

Detective Daddy

Detective Ash Kendall has been living life like he usually does. He's a hard working man. The thing is that even working multiple hours hasn't made the memory of Rachel Stevens go away from his heart. He is known as Casanova Ash, never taki...


The Spy Who Saved Christmas

The Spy Who Saved Christmas is an amazing read. It is filled with suspense, romance, genuine feelings, some laughter, and some heat. I loved the characters. They started to pull on my heartstrings from the beginning of the book. Reid and La...