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Diary of a War Bride

Once again I have found myself having an inner conflict with a story. "Diary of a War Bride", is a book that I liked but I did not love. The story itself was researched intensely, the romance was charming and the backdrop of WW2 reflected h...


Her Convenient Husband's Return

Regency historical romance fans are in for a wonderful tale in “Her Convenient Husband's Return” This story involves two wonderful people...Beth and Rendell. I enjoyed getting to know these two characters. Beth has agreed to marry Ren… her...

4 Stars

Wedding at Rocking S Ranch - Oak Grove

Cassandra Stewart visits her husband’s beloved ranch as a promise she made him on his deathbed. There, she meets his best friend, Raymond Wolf. Together, they begin to get past their shared grief and discover their mutual love for Cassandra...

4 Stars

Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight

When I first began reading my first romance novels in junior high (much to the disapproval of my parents) I found myself quickly devouring historical-romances and almost immediately I knew that the genre was one that I would always love. My...

4 Stars

The Prairie Doctor's Bride

In "The Prairie Doctor's Bride" you get two very different people. One is a gun toting woman and one is a doctor. The author gives you a love story back in the prairie days. Marriageable women were scarce. Both Sylvia and Nelson needed a co...

5 Stars

Redeeming the Rogue Knight - The Danby Brothers

We first met Sir Roger Danby in the "The Blacksmith’s Bride". Quite honestly, I couldn’t imagine him as any kind of hero. Maybe it’s the inherent strength of Lucy, our heroine that transforms him. The romance is slow to build but that makes...

4 Stars

Cinderella and the Duke - The Beauchamp Betrothals #1

Janice Preston spins a fairytale to melt any Regency lover's heart. Rosalind is nowhere near a docile young miss making her debut in London society. She is a mature woman used to taking charge. Watching her deal with her feelings was an abs...

4 Stars

The Duke's Daring Debutante - A Beresford Abbey Story

Ann Lethbridge delivers a delightful historical romance with the Duke's Daring Debutante. Minette Rideau is not the average London miss, I loved her bold behavior which was evident from the very beginning. The fact that she has secrets and...


An Illicit Temptation - Chinese Tang Dynasty, #4

Dao has taken the place of her half-brother's wife to become the wife of a barbarian chieftain. She starts the long, long journey to the lands of her future husband, content in her clear choice to improve her life by taking on this new iden...

4 Stars

My Fair Concubine - Tang Dynasty #3

Chang Fei Long has a problem, and Yan Ling just might be the answer to it. His younger sister has run away from an arranged marriage to a barbarian lord and he desperately needs someone else to take her place so his family doesn't get in tr...

4 Stars

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior - MacKinloch Clan, Book 2

Alex MacKinloch is the chief of his clan and has to maintain a reputation. He's a warrior not afraid of anything. The thing is that he is afraid of losing his wife completely. He remembers the day he lost his wife and mourns what they could...

4 Stars