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Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight

When I first began reading my first romance novels in junior high (much to the disapproval of my parents) I found myself quickly devouring historical-romances and almost immediately I knew that the genre was one that I would always love. My...

4 Stars

The Prairie Doctor's Bride

In "The Prairie Doctor's Bride" you get two very different people. One is a gun toting woman and one is a doctor. The author gives you a love story back in the prairie days. Marriageable women were scarce. Both Sylvia and Nelson needed a co...

5 Stars

Redeeming the Rogue Knight - The Danby Brothers

We first met Sir Roger Danby in the "The Blacksmith’s Bride". Quite honestly, I couldn’t imagine him as any kind of hero. Maybe it’s the inherent strength of Lucy, our heroine that transforms him. The romance is slow to build but that makes...

4 Stars

Cinderella and the Duke - The Beauchamp Betrothals #1

Janice Preston spins a fairytale to melt any Regency lover's heart. Rosalind is nowhere near a docile young miss making her debut in London society. She is a mature woman used to taking charge. Watching her deal with her feelings was an abs...

4 Stars

The Duke's Daring Debutante - A Beresford Abbey Story

Ann Lethbridge delivers a delightful historical romance with the Duke's Daring Debutante. Minette Rideau is not the average London miss, I loved her bold behavior which was evident from the very beginning. The fact that she has secrets and...


An Illicit Temptation - Chinese Tang Dynasty, #4

Dao has taken the place of her half-brother's wife to become the wife of a barbarian chieftain. She starts the long, long journey to the lands of her future husband, content in her clear choice to improve her life by taking on this new iden...

4 Stars

My Fair Concubine - Tang Dynasty #3

Chang Fei Long has a problem, and Yan Ling just might be the answer to it. His younger sister has run away from an arranged marriage to a barbarian lord and he desperately needs someone else to take her place so his family doesn't get in tr...

4 Stars

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior - MacKinloch Clan, Book 2

Alex MacKinloch is the chief of his clan and has to maintain a reputation. He's a warrior not afraid of anything. The thing is that he is afraid of losing his wife completely. He remembers the day he lost his wife and mourns what they could...

4 Stars