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Forbidden Pleasure - The Business of Pleasure

"Forbidden Pleasure" lives up to its name. It grabs you from the beginning with all the carnal pleasure. These two characters feed off of each other, they're the perfect yin and yang. Emma likes getting a rise out of Max, in more ways than...


Unleashed - Hotel Temptation

If you like a story with more sex than plot, this is the book for you. Though there is a story line it is basically used to tie together sex scenes and/or discussions. Margot is a stereotypical straight-laced professor who is book smart but...


Best Laid Plans - Blackmore, Inc., #1

Mr. Always in Control just stepped into a PR nightmare. For Cameron and Jackson a night of no-strings temptation leaves them flirting with disaster. Rebecca Hunter blurs the line between love and lust. "Best Laid Plans" is the story of two...