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When Stevie's mom goes missing, leaving bills unpaid, no food, and Stevie apparently abandoned, Stevie has no choice but to stay with her rigid aunt Mindy. It's worse than a few days away: Stevie's mom is struggling with a meth addiction, a...



When Cara Leonard's parents moved in the summer of junior year, it meant a chance at a new school with new people who had no idea about her past place in the school hierarchy. Her best friend Claudia has come up with a sociological map for...

4 Stars

The Inquisitor's Apprentice

Sacha Kessler is basically an ordinary Jewish boy, in a typical Jewish immigrant family, growing up in an extraordinary turn of the century New York, where magic is practiced by every housewife and baker, for every potential need. Sacha doe...


Lost Voices

When fourteen-year old Lucette (or Luce) is assaulted and left on the cliffs of an Alaskan fishing village, she expects to die; however, in the dark, Luce tumbles into the waves below and becomes a mermaid. Yes, mermaid. This extraordinary...

4 Stars